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Refin ed Rapeseed Oil

Oil seeds and their products are the most valuable agricultural crops in the world trade. Oil crops are processed into products by utilizing their seeds or the product derived by a partial removal of one of the major seed components. Some products are obtained by isolating the oil component of the seed, thereby increasing the concentration of main components, usually proteins. Extraction of oil is one of the major aspects involved in oilseed processing.

Rapeseed oil production occupies third place in the world production of vegetable and marine oils. It ranks fifth in production of oilseed proteins. Rapeseed is one of the major oilseed crops in the Far East and in Northern Europe and North America. Rapeseed is mainly used for oil production; also by-products of oil extraction are used in animal feed. The oil content of the seed ranges from 33.2 to 47.6% (8.5% moisture basis) and yields 29.5 to 57.5% protein (oil-free/defatted meal, 8.5% moisture basis).

Rapeseed and canola oils come from the same genus of plants but different species. Rapeseed / canola seed is obtained from Brassica campestris and Brassica napus.


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